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Repair guides and support for all-in-one washer and dryer assemblies as well as stacked units.

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spin only cycle is selected, start button pushed, everything begins

When the spin only cycle is selected and the start button pushed, everything begins.

When looking at the motor, The spinning is spinning and noise is normal. Upon further looking at the belt, which is fully attached with no wear, tear or brokenness, it is the ONLY thing that's not in movement and alignment routine.

Model: GTUP270EM0WW

Serial: FV001978C

Listed: E301032

Suggestions? Advice? Possible reasons and fixes? Any and all would be much obliged sir.

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Hi @crashkatie39106

Seems as though there may be a problem with the timer.

It controls what happens during the various phases of the wash program.

If it is the timer, do not attempt to open it to see what's wrong as you will have operating cams and contacts everywhere. Besides which if there was a problem with it e.g. faulty operating cam or set of contacts, there are no internal replacement parts available anyway. The timer comes as a complete module.

Run the washer in the diagnostic test mode and check what error codes (if any) are shown. Here's a link to the start of the section in the service manual that shows what to do.

If it is the timer search online for WE04X22654 to find suppliers that suit you best. Here's a video that shows how to change the timer in GE combo models that may also help.

Be safety aware and take note of the warning shown on p.58 regarding servicing the timer!

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