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Ninth generation of iPad, released September 24, 2021, available in 64 or 256 GB models. Model Number A2602.

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Are my connectors broken?

Hi y'all, I did a battery replacement on my ipad 9 wifi version a couple of days ago, but when I put the LCD and screen digitizer on touch screen wouldn't work. After some inspection I realized the connector on the screen digitizer looks to be missing a pin. I ordered new screen digitizer and hopes that will be the solution, but I'm kinda afraid that the connector on the board itself is also damaged. Would anyone with experience look at my picture and tell me if the connector on the board is damaged or not? I also attached a pic of the connector on the screen digitizer itself, if you can confirm that it's the problem as well I would be mighty appreciated.

Thanks and happy new year to everyone

Edit: Here're the images, didn't realized I have to put it in the post lol

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @harrionstark.

There are no pictures in your question.

Here's how to add images to your question in ifixit

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Added the images, thanks for the tips


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@harrionstark connector on the logic board and flex are both damaged

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Thanks, I guess beside replacing the screen digitizer the connector on the logic board would have to be replaced as well?


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