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The 2016 Kia Optima went on-sale towards the end of 2015. It shares a platform with the 2015 Hyundai Sonata, and offers a new design, with new features and enhancements.

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Why is my Kia burning oil fast and check engine light is on also revs

My Kia is burning oil quickly and my check engine lights on and it revs really high and has no power hardly at all

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Do a compression test; wet and dry. Remove the sparkplugs and ignition relay, and test all 4 cylinders to see if any are out of balance. These use the Theta II which is a problematic engine; so bad the ones from 2011-2019 ALL have a lifetime warranty on the short block due to a class action lawsuit due to shavings in some of the blocks causing them to blow up due to oil starvation. This includes the US-made ones (Georgia, the main culprit) and ones made in Korea.
See which engine you have; there are 3 displacements for these: 1.6L Gamma II (not problematic at this time)/2L Nu NA (not problematic at this time)/2L Theta II (bad engine w/ lifetime long block warranty). You might throw some annoying silent manufacturer EOBD code, so be aware of this if you find it's a shortblock issue and you can use the lifetime warranty they gave everyone to make the lawsuit and the NHTSA go away. I also wouldn't try and clear it unless I can tell I'm leaving the other codes that can point to it.

If you see lower numbers compared to wet, you have an issue with the engine; most likely the longblock or piston rings. These engines have enough of a reputation almost nobody will rebuild them so you will likely need to source a remanufactured engine from Kia or a good remanufacturer. DO NOT be surprised if they tell you to toss that engine and do not want it as a "core"; the Theta II is genuinely that problematic. As we see more Hyundais age out with problems that inevitably come up similar to the Theta II disaster this is just going to become the norm with Hyundai and Kia with 3rd party companies who sell used/reman engines. The bad Theta II longblock can't be fixed like the Ford 3-valve Triton with cleaning and modifications.

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