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The Ford Freestyle was a crossover utility vehicle that preceded the Taurus X

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How do I take the transmission out without a lift?

My torque converter went out and I don't have the money to go to a mechanic, nor do I have access to a lift, is it possible to remove the transmission with the vehicle supported on jackstands

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@brandonswa47852 could you do it like that? Yes, need some pretty high jack stands. You need to pull the tranny from under your vehicle. IF you do it like that, make sure it is secure!!!!! Plenty of jack stands (none of those wimpy Walmart ones etc. Go to your local pawn shop etc. and get some heavy duty ones. Keep a couple of jacks handy as well. You will mess with a lot of weight and a lot of torque, It has to be stabile.

Those of us that have done a lot of wrenching will know how it is when we do not have the special equipment available, but we have to work safe. I have seen enough people that got crushed, pinned under their own vehicle. None of them made it. Don't become a statistic!

Be safe!

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No, Hazard Fraught jacks won't cut it either. I don't mind buying disposable tools there but their jacks? YIKES.


Did one years ago with a pal. Put the car on stands as high as it would go. Remove all the bolts fixings etc then put a trolley jack under the gearbox. Free the gearbox then whilst one supported it the other lowered it gently with the trolley jack.


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