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Repair information, service manuals, and troubleshooting help for refrigerators manufactured by LG Electronics.

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Water shoots out of water dispenser instead of filling ice tray on LG

LG LFX31945ST /02

Water comes out of dispenser instead of filling ice tray? Faulty inlet valve?

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Hi @chipabrams

Does any water enter the ice tray at all?

It could be a faulty water dispenser valve, stuck in the open position, so that when the ice maker calls for water, the water will come out of the water dispenser as well.

For water to fill the ice tray or to be dispensed, two valves need to be operated.

There is a main water inlet valve (see Valve and water tube parts diagram part # 619A) which is operated in conjunction with either the water dispenser valve or the ice fill valve (Door parts diagram in above link, part # 619B & 619C), depending on what function is being used at the time

Here's the service manual for the refrigerator that may help.

On p.44 is describes how to test if the valves are electrically OK but this doesn't mean that they are mechanically OK.

On p.26 there's a schematic that shows the board connections for the 3 valves that may also help.

Note: The main water inlet valve is known as the water pilot valve in the manual

If a valve is faulty, search online using the part number for the valve (as shown in the supplier link) to find other suppliers that may suit you better.

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