Sunroof only closes part way, suddenly reverses all the way open

First, I might be breaking the rules here. If so, sorry - tell me how to fix it and I will. I have solved this already, wanted to put this here for others' benefit.

It appears to work normally until about 3" away from closing, then suddenly reverses to full-open.

No idea what started the problem, just started yesterday.

All kinds of monkeying around with the tracks, cleaning, sliding shade..... No luck

How to fix it:

- open sunroof all the way

- close in short bursts - pushing and releasing the button, less than a second each time. Do it so the window moves about 1/2" at a time.

In my case, as it was almost closed there was a thud at the back edge of the window. I freaked, but kept doing the 1/2 inch moves.

Window closed all the way, including the lifting of the back to seal the back edge.

You're welcome😀

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The answer is at the bottom of the question, sorry, first time posting new



This may be better reposting this as troubleshooting wiki.

Here's how on ifixit. How to Create a Guide

Leaving it as a question (which it really isn't) means that it will get lost amongst all the other questions whereas people can search for guides etc by using the search box at the top of this page.



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