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A water tap is a device used to control the release of water, typically from a pipe or faucet.

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Why got my previous Q (minutes ago) deleted within minutes?

Is it because it was in German? I've seen other questions and also answers in German already. And, in fact, in the past I gave a few of the latter myself. So, WTF?!?

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i doubt it was because it was in german as i have seen other languages which some have been edited to english, what was your question


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I found an e-mail from in my inbox :

Hi there,

Your recent question was deleted because our pet robot thought it was spam. We're sorry for the inconvenience — he's still being trained. If you think your post was deleted by mistake, please let us know by replying to this email.

Our robot flags the following behaviors as spam:

  • Links to an external site with insufficient supporting text in the post. Links should not be a substitute for including information in the post itself. Providing a descriptive sentence or two in addition to your link is usually a good rule of thumb.
  • Repeated self-promotional posts that advertise your company, product, or website. You are welcome to use your profile page to promote your company and services, but do not promote your own commercial offerings in repair guides or answers.
  • Posts that we suspect are not helpful to our community.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out by replying to this email message.



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Da hat der Spam-Filter zugeschlagen, so 100%ig funktioniert der nicht.

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@starhack @tech_ni is absolutely right. It has nothing to do with language. We welcome everyone to join on here!

As @vauweh said, somehow our spambot felt that your question was not legit and quarantined it. It has been restored.

I edited the beginning of your question. We do not use profanity around here. WE keep it clean, without profanity, flaming, bullying etc., and we are mindful of others :-)

Now, let's focus on your Question and let's see if we get the shower working again. Forecast for my area for today is 43° same as yesterday. Freakin' hot ;-)

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Why the edit of the beginning? Didn't you interpret it as [Worse Than Failure|]. ;D


@starhack I do but the kids that frequent iFixit do not :-) Perception. It's all about perception.


@oldturkey03 :) I see. Thanks for the restore.


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