random scripts before the apple logo!

sso everytime when i open my macbook theres a for a little sec the apple logo and after some random codingg that keeps going . its for like 2 seconds and it goes away and theres the apple logo loading really fast. its scaring me every time but ive got an glimpse and it says smth like com.apple or smth . and yes i did try to do smth in the scripts app i forgot how its nameddd . tell me if its harmful or reset the full device?

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kernel panic. the photo is to blurry for anyone to read it


yes maybe i could try to make an unblurry photo? its just cuz i taught this hapened to more people . lmk


Does your device actually boot properly after this text? or it keeps rebooting through this?


Nop Its literally just three seconds, and it goes away


Do you have file vault enabled ?


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