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Rotary tool no longer spinning

My Dremel had the accursed "broken lock shaft piece" which in itself is super easy to actually fix, but now I have a new problem. I put it all back together and it's not rotating anymore. I must have put something together wrong but it looks right. Is there a minor detail in putting the parts back in that I'm missing?

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Are the brushes contacting the commutator?


I'm not sure what either of those are. You'll have to forgive me I'm mostly self taught. If you can describe what the parts your talking about are ill understand


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Hi @briannad53984

Here's a parts diagram for a Dremel 3000 that may help you re-assemble it.

Part #3 is the armature and the commutators are part of the armature assembly.

The brushes (part #810) make contact with the commutators to connect power through to the armature windings. Current passing through the windings create a magnetic field and this causes the armature to rotate.

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Alright thanks a bunch, It does look like that's making contact however one of the brushes has a minor chip would that be the source of the issue?


To add to my previous comment I put the parts back together, it's spinning now but only at the top speed and it's sputtering a lot



Without a wiring diagram it's hard to know but looking at the parts online it might be that the switch is faulty as I assume that it is a potentiometer type switch in that depending on how far it is moved alters the speed of the drill.

If you have an Ohmmeter you could check if the switch resistance value alters with its operation. Do this with the power disconnected from the drill.

If the switch is faulty search online for Dremel 3000 switch - be aware though that there's a switch suitable for a 120V AC drill and a 240V AC drill so make sure that you get the correct one.


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