How do I tear down this led clock

Hi fixers,

I got a bluetooth speaker clock from Baesus and it seems that the led connection got loose thus some of the digits are unclear.

i was trying to open it up but could not find a way to open it.

Do you have any solutions without damaging the casing?

I can see that there are some poles connecting to the front panel, i have tried to pry away the mirror in front and with the white border but could not.

there are a couple of poles on the inner side so i not so sure how to fix it.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @james147,

Any labels on the back of the clock?

If so gently peel them off and check for recessed screws underneath.

If no good any seams around the body of the clock at all? Bit hard to see from the images you posted.

If there is it may be a held together with clips and you will need something like the ifixit pry tool to see if it can be prised open


No screws on the back got seams on the white border. But tried a prying tool with no luck



The case may be plastic welded shut.

You could try using a 1 1/2" paint scraper and place it along the seam and give it a short sharp tap with a hammer and see if the case cracks open along the seam.

The idea is not to force the scraper through the seam as you don't want to hit the electronics inside. More like hitting the scraper with a hammer but at the same time pulling the hammer back so as not to hammer it too deeply

I have done this a fair few times on faulty AC/DC power adapter plugs.

80% of the time they crack open with no cosmetic damage visible. There is an overlapping lip running along the seam on the inside around one half of the case on the inside that may break a bit but when the case is shut again it cannot be seen. So it is simply a matter of applying some glue along the lip so that it is glued to the other half of the case again

The other 20% of the time the case cracks and after fixing the problem in the adapter I keep the case shut by wrapping electrician's tape tightly around it

maybe not too good for a clock that is on view - plugs can be hidden ;-)


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