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The Sony XBR-65X750D is a 65-inch LCD Ultra HD TV with an LED backlight and 3840 x 2160 resolution. Released in 2016.

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Can you fix a cracked screen on a Sony Bravia TV?

I cracked the screen on my 65’ Sony Bravia TV, and I would like to know if it is repairable and if so, get an estimate.

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@benparker50283 screen can't be repaired, they get replaced. Issue with that is that they are pretty tough to come by. I suggest to remove the back panel of your TV. There will be a sticker on the screen assembly which will indicate a maker and a model number. Do a search with that data and see if anything comes up. You can always consider purchasing a TV which is broken other than the LCD panel and use it to harvest the screen from that.

iFixit does not do repair and there is really no way to provide you with ay kind of estimate. It will all depend on what panel (if any) you'll find.

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