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Understanding the sizing and usage of Screwdrivers

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Color-coded screwing drivers

I ordered a screen from Rewa, and what came inside it is what I have been, hoping, dreaming, and praying for my entire life…

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Unfortunately, they’re low quality tools from China. I prefer Wiha screwdrivers, but after amassing a large collection of them, i’m starting to get annoyed, because THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME! So I’ve resorted to doing stupid tricks like labeling them with different colors of tape, so I can quickly tell the difference between Torx, Pentolope, Phillips, etc…

Does anyone know of a high quality Japanese or German screwdriver set that’s color-coded?

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I use 2uul drivers. Have a colour coded rotating top. Great quality too.

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What I do when I need to do it to any type of plastic is I use a paint pen or nail polish (it's paint for nails)... BUT you may need to sand the part of the screwdriver down in the area you are going to paint. The best practice here is to use ~3-5 coats and look into some sort of "clearcoat" covering. On the bottles I have used 6 coats to overcome issues with the light colors (or just garbage opacity; this one was ~3 coats so it was pretty good). The problem with these bottles (which likely applies to the iFixit drivers too) is the plastic texture is not open to being "painted", which is expected with Derlin or smooth ABS. The clear plastic took better than the cap on my water bottles >_<.

I would try sandpaper first, but if not you can use acetone and sand it down to make a spot. Cover all print up if you go the acetone route. The plastic on the iFixit drivers feels like they will need to be roughed up a bit with acetone or sandpaper being kind of smooth.

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If you're worried about getting called a list of overused slurs if you buy the nail polish in person (or develop anxiety based on the risk), an easy workaround exists: pay cash so it can't be traced back and pretend you have a girlfriend or it's for her if you do. Works every time. The cashier will probably just make that assumption BUT make it seem plausible.

This is the brand I used for the red coding: Wet N Wild WildShine Wet n Wild Fast Dry AF

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