Using Lomo film slides on the V600 -- SilverFast 9

I have an Epson V600 I took a shot on as-is from eBay, with zero problems :-). However, I had to supply my own film slides and power adapter that was meant for the V600, but I already sorted this.

However, I did not get the film slides and the folks I asked about this generally tell me the same thing: Don't chase them down UNLESS I need them; they're not the best. Well, I threw them in the adapter order from Compass Micro to have them just in case (and to even out the shipping vs order cost at something like $10 each and $5 for the 35mm holder, which is not integrated on the V550/600 holder), and they feel flimsy to me. I bought a scanner that can do film well to do it right, not use cheap adapters.

Has anyone used these V600 scanners with the Lomo adapters, with SilverFast 9? Epson Scan 2 dropped the film support and gives out free SF8 licenses, which I took and converted to an SF9 license for Apple Silicon purposes because I am ready to move to a newer Mac.

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