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A rotary tool made by the Dremel company. It is model number 395 and runs at 5000-35,000rpm.

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Will somewhat run if the brush caps are squeezed together, how to fix?

So my multi-pro only runs intermittently if I squeeze the brush caps together, how do I fix this? Do the brushes need to be replaced? What do I need to check?

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I'm having the exact same problem, even with new brushes. Took the chassis apart, brush holders seem to be aligned. Any suggestions on where to look?


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Hi @marshwaha

Check how much is left of the brushes to make good electrical contact with the armature commutator.

Here's the ifixit Dremel MultiPro 395 Carbon Brushes Replacement that shows how to remove/replace the brushes.

Here's a parts diagram that may help.

If the brushes (part #810) are worn down, search online for 2610009829 to find suppliers of the brush set, that suit you best.

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