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Repair manuals and information for Microsoft's Surface Studio all-in-1 desktops.

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Screen Replacement / Monitor austauschen

Dear all,

due to a crash from the table (don't ask... unlucky combination of kids and cats) my front glas is broken and I'm wondering where to get a spare one. Any ideas?
I already checked but it seems like they only offer "offical" repacement-parts for newer devices....

Thanks a lot in advance,


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Not sure if this is relevant but here's an image taken from Step.20 of the ifixit Microsoft Surface Studio Teardown guide that may help.

Block Image

(click on image)

When searching for the part number X934565-008 this supplier was found, which had the additional info of LTM282RL01 003 4500x3000 (examples only)
If your model is as per was it shown by the supplier it may be what you're looking for. There may be other suppliers that suit you better.

If not maybe use the ifixit guide to find information on the back of your display that may help you to find suppliers.

Just what I'd try.

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