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Repair guides and support for the Creative Zen MicroPhoto. Released in 2005.

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Screen is black - is the contrast set too high? Or is the screen bad?

I got two of these on eBay and they are personally owned players. Very nice condition with original headphones, pouch, and cable. They both have the same issue where the screen lights is just totally black and I can't read anything. The blue light lights up and the player can play music. The firmware is on the latest but I ran the firmware update tool hoping that it would reset settings but I still can't see anything.

If the screen is dead, it would be very odd to receive two nearly perfect condition devices with the exact same defect but maybe it's very common for these screens to just die.

Any tips appreciated! Thanks.

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Oh wow. Apparently it's a defect in probably 100% of the screens.

"The screen of my creative zen microphoto has gradually gone dark when there was no apparent reason like a drop, hit etc."

Would love if anyone sourced a replacement screen.


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Cory Roberts start off with this guide to work on it Creative Zen Microphoto Screen Replacement Then it will be a chore to find a replacement. There is some info about the screen properties on Reddit. See if you can use some of that information and incorporate this with your Question. That way we can keep it all on iFixit. It's interesting to hear that his happens to all those speakers. Makes me wonder why and if it is the data lines or if it is the backlight that is failing. In a dark(ened) room, shine a flashlight at an angle against the screen. See if that enables you to see anything on your player.

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