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Moto X Play is an Android smartphone developed by Motorola Mobility, a division of Lenovo. Unveiled on July 28, 2015, it is one of three devices that succeeded the second-generation Moto X. Model numbers XT1563 and XT1562.

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Phone keeps shutting off. One sec it is 90% then 0%

-I have the Moto X Play XT1563 and need to know what battery to buy as a replacement.

-This video: showes 2 connections from battery to the board @ 2:10-2:15

-I can only seem to find batteries with one connection, even though they claim to be XT1563 compatible.

Any help locating the proper battery would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @kris_wolf,

Have you checked what the battery model number is in your phone?

if it is an FL40 model battery (printed on battery), the video you posted shows the battery with a NFC antenna mounted on it whereas the batteries online don't, so presumably you have to remove the antenna from the old and place it on the new.

This supplier shows one with the antenna and it is the same battery model number

Search online for FL40 NFC battery to find other suppliers

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Thanks Jayeff. I know it's a FL40 but the antenna had me stumped. Looking at FL40 NFCs now.

Cheers mate!


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