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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 6a with 5G smartphone. Released in July 2022.

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Can I skip the display adhesive?

I broke the screen on my P6a, and I have the fix kit coming; however, I am wondering if I can skip the display adhesive and just clip it in on the 6a, seeing there are clips to have serviceability (at the expense of the IP rating, which I threw out the window anyway by dropping it and will fully void doing the repair).

Has anyone done this without adhesive at the expense of the IP rating? Since I got the phone used, I trusted the IP rating like a fart anyway. It's gone now anyway.

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Hi Nick,

Yes, you can certainly use it without the adhesive, keeping in mind if you drop it the screen will most likely pop off; you're already well aware of the waterproof aspect, but don't forget about dust, pocket lint, etc.

If you can pick up a full body phone cover locally on the cheap, that would be a good way to mitigate those issues until you can do the actual screen replacement and reseal it.

I've let my grandson use his iPhone X without adhesive temporarily while I waited for parts; the difference there is that iPhones have those Pentalobe mounting screws that do an excellent job of keeping the screen on even without adhesive.

But yeah, I personally would go ahead and use the phone without the glue if I was in your position, especially knowing it's only temporary.

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Plus being a used phone the IP rating was already unreliable. About the only thing it keeps out once you taint it is dust. I'd be totally hesitant to trust a kid with fully voided liquid resistance, but on adult owned devices we know the phones need to be babied, even if it means hiding under a gutter on the phone.

Never, ever trust the IP rating is good if you were not the first owner unless you personally had it repaired by the manufacturer.


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