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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 6a with 5G smartphone. Released in July 2022.

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Will this phone have issues in the future?

I already ordered the part so I know that is coming soon. However in the meantime this is my secondary phone so I’m not at a dire loss if it totally dies but this was nasty enough to push the repair forward ASAP.

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Should I worry about completely losing my screen to this or will I be able to ride out the damage until my new screen comes in? I already ordered a new case to prevent this from happening again with more protection -_-. I only had it a few days (bought mine used) and this happened.

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Hi Nick,

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but it looks like the greatest amount of damage there is to the glass screen protector with only minor cracking on the actual screen itself.

My suggestion would be to remove the broken screen protector and put on a new one. At that point you should be fine to use it until your replacement screen arrives. If, as I suspect, the chips in the actual screen are just confined to that upper left hand corner, you can probably get away with using it for the foreseeable future just as is.

If, on the other hand, I'm just seeing the cracks through an intact screen protector, you're still okay; my daughter-in-law used an iPhone screen that was busted seven ways from sunday for months with a screen protector.

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Yeah the screen is damaged, not the protector. I'm just mad the phone already broke, but that was also on me as well.


@nick I hear ya; I've got children and grandchildren with phones, tablets and laptops and I've lost track of how many screens I've replaced to date. Just an occupational hazard of making things out of glass.


@dadibrokeit The fact it's adult owned and I'm the one who never has problems made it worse. I know how to repair it but geeze I bought it a few days ago. If I need to deploy a spare phone so be it, but yeah this case is done.

Thankfully the screen was only $100, but that added up because I need a battery for the P3 XL I self inherited from my dad after replacing the screen. My G Stylus 4G had issues with this too but it had a broken charge port and tired battery. Meh.


I ended up getting a Sipgen case to mitigate it going forward:

I'm just glad I can still use it at least. I had to transition from the Moto to this Pixel. I'd hate to do it again, even if I had to buy a temp 6a. Every time I've had a Sipgen, I've never had this problem.


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Screen should be fine as damage is minor. Should last for years as long as it's not dropped again. I have a galaxy note 9 with worse damage than that and it's been going for years. Only gonna replace it when the price gets cheaper.

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