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Device repair and information for the Dell Inspiron 5379 2-in-1 notebook computer.

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Fix my key board

Some of the characters on my key board are not working. How do I either replace the keyboard or fix the problem?

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Hi Jonathan, here's an excellent and thorough guide that will surely help you identify the fault: Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working.

Please don't hesitate to let us know how the repair goes

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Jonathan Metcalfe besides the excellent answer given by @simone_i check this site to download the service manual. It'll help you in case you do have to change the keyboard.


@oldturkey03 Won't be cheap due to the integrated palmrest :-(. While I'd love to scorn Dell, I know when the newer HP EliteBooks like the G7 hit the market in mass (they're already being decommed, so it's about when they get so common they're cheap) to point everyone has them for sale (not just refurbishers and ex-lease units) it's no better of a situation since the G6 was usually the last without that problem.

We need to shame the industry out of this bad design, not just Dell and HP.


@nick never is cheap. Integration of system because a burden on our wallets. Modular design would be the way to go, but then "they" don't make any money.


@oldturkey03 I am so ready for cheap 10th gen business class equipment but holy h-e-double hockey sticks am I going to baby the keyboards on these G7's.


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