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Repair information and disassembly guides for shop vacuums and wet-dry vacuums.

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Why is my Hyper Tough 1.5 gallon shop vac making a loud roaring noise

It's roaring like it is stopped up but it has some suction. I've done EVERYTHING. How can I take the top apart?? I've tried cleaning filter and all.

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If you vacuum is making a loud “roaring” noise it’s probably one of two things

1)something is loose inside


2)something is loose or had worn out in the motor

Here’s a disassembly guide

Shop-Vac MC150A Motor Replacement

If you go as far as the motor ,pay close attention to the motor bearings and where they are seated,if they have any play in them they are most likely your issue

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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@charitymc08 have you removed the filter and checked the float? Post some good pictures of what that area looks like on your vacuum. Most tops on other shop-vacs are riveted whereas your model appears to have screws . Looks like you will need to remove those to remove the top.

Block Image

After that I'd focus on screws 101 to remove the top toward the float etc. That is the area that I would focus on since debris there can create a blockage. We need to see more to try to help you further. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

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