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Table lamps are designed to sit on tables. They are not floor lamps, which sit on the floor. Table lamps are usually shorter than floor lamps.

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touch lamp not working with new LED lamp

I recently replaced a broken filament light bulb with a new (dimmable) LED light in a touch lamp on my night stand. When I touched it, it didn't work, but after unplugging the lamp and plugging it in again, the light was on. Upon touch, the light went out but again it was impossible to put it on again by touching the lamp. So now I have a lamp that I need to unplug/plug in to have it work. What could be causing this weird behavior? And is there a way to fix this?

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The bulb is working perfectly in another lamp with a classic on/off switch. It also starts lighting upon plugging in the lamp, but once you switch it off by touching the foot of the lamp, it's impossible to switch in on again in the same way (only by unplugging and plugging in again). So the bulb is able to give light in this lamp, but unable to be switched on by touching


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It may be that the dimmable LED bulb is drawing insufficient power as opposed to an incandescent bulb and that the lamp circuit won't work.

The fact that it turns on after disconnecting/connecting the power may be due to the capacitor(s) in the lamp's oscillator circuit being fully charged by the power supply's inrush current, but this is just a guess.

Touch lamps work on the principle of the body's capacitance when touching the lamp, affecting an oscillator in the control circuit and oscillators can be of the LC (inductor/capacitor) type or RC (resistor/capacitor) type.

You could try a standard LED bulb (non dimmable)and see if that works but then again you may want the dimmable feature so maybe not

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Filip Velghe First rule out the bulb as the cause. Replace the light bulb with the same type that it had before. It appears as if this is a bulb issue not a lamp issue.

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