Why is my washer not turning on?

I have a whirlpool closet depth washer & dryer in my new apartment. The dryer works but for some reason the washer won’t display any lights or turn on. When I hold the control lock for 3 secs it will lock but then when I repeat to unlock it nothing happens and everything stays the same as if it was locked. ( I have also unplugged / switched breaker to reset ) Any tips or ideas?

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Is this combo washer/dryer older and out of warranty requiring technical expertise or diyer with advanced skills to read wiring diagrams or still in warranty (check receipts/owner's manual) to have Whirlpool service it? Your washer may have a fuse that's blown but requires disconnecting wall power and disassembling the control panel for access to circuitry.



What is the model number of the combo unit?

Have you checked if two breakers or fuses are used to supply power to the unit? A lot of combo units require 240V AC to operate i.e. 2 x 120V AC. Usually you can tell if the power cord plug and wall outlet have 4 pins.


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