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The ASP Sterrad 100NX is a sterilizer that uses hydrogen peroxide gas plasma (HPGP) to sterilize medical equipment.

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We need our sterrad serviced

We are a veterinary hospital and have a Sterrad NX. We can't find anyone to service our machine in Northern California. Any help would be appreciated

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Hi @vetjrn209

Here's the ASP Sterrad 100NX Service Guide.pdf that may help.

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@vetjrn209 that is tough since there is no official listing of Bio Med Tech's that iFixit keeps. So any information regarding this from here, will be very subjective. I would suggest you contact the BioMed guy in your local hospital and see if they can help you. Most of those techs are really excellent at this. Also, contact your local Universities and Colleges and see who offers biomedical engineering etc. and see if one of their instructors/students is willing to help you all out. In the meantime the only other thing I can offer, is the service manual for the sterilizer. Thank you for all that you do. It is appreciated :-)

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