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ran into a problem

when i optimize my pc from dell support , after 10 to 20 sec a blue screen show and written -----your device ran into a problem and needs to restart. we are just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you.

Update (06/13/2022)

Block Image

this image is showing in my pc i ne help

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abhishek ranjan sounds like your optimization went wrong. What OS are you running? Do you have a restore point you can revert back too? Does it work in SafeMode


I am curious as to what sort "optimization" Dell is doing. What message are you getting on the blue screen? Usually it will list some kind of error towards the bottom.


can u go to the "event viewer" and sent me the error report for the past 24 hours cuz it sounds like it could be like 20 probs


@oldturkey03 The Dell tool hasn't fried anything for me. It was 3rd party since Dell doesn't touch the registry, at least as far as I know.

Maybe the enterprise version is different, but even on a 3671 I maintain, I never had a problem with the "consumer" version. Guess I'll find out with my 3670. I'd like to speculate but I'm not as familiar with the consumer version as I am with enterprise due to how cheap old Latitudes really can be for the money to spec ratio. If it did any damage I'd have removed it.


I really hate all those optimizations . I used to run into registry errors all the time and its a royal PITA.


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Did you use a registry cleaner on the laptop based on the REGISTRY_ERROR code? It was fine in the 9x/XP/Vista days, but 7-present do not like it when you clean the registry and there's more room to damage things today. Just don't do it, since it doesn't help anything at this point.

This is what a registry cleaner is:

Block Image

Anyway, you probably did some damage you need to reverse. Get the image from the Media Creation tool (Microsoft) for 10, then write it to a USB drive on a working computer (or give someone beer money and a USB drive to make it for you if you're desperate). For this laptop, press F12 and select the USB drive under UEFI and then select advanced startup options; you should find an option called System Restore, and you'll want to go back in time to the pre-registry cleaner state or back one more. You will probably lose programs and updates, but that's the nature of the beast (and it beats reinstalling everything so pick your poison. I'd rather re-update my system).

Fix it, get it going again and never do it again. Win10's restore tool works; fixed my 7490 when I killed the Windows install temporarily because Roxio never updated the USB capture cards with memory isolation enabled because the driver is a literal cut and paste of the XP driver w/o signed INF files. I got so annoyed I bought a Chinese copy I can use with OBS since memory isolation has genuine security benefits and isn't security theater.

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