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The Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240IC is an all-in-one desktop computer known for its 4K, ultra high definition screen and one terabyte Hard Drive. With plenty of processing power and memory, the device received the PCMag Editors’ Choice award in 2015.

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ASUS All-in-One Zen Reassembly Help

@jayeff Fix It, friends,

I have a 2018 Asus All in One "Zen" that I tore apart to replace the two hard drives and to upgrade the RAM. Unfortunately, two wires disconnected from the motherboard when I flipped the board over to replace the M.2 HD/card. I can't seem to find where they go on the board - frustrating.

Pictures: These two wires, one black and the other white; both of these wires lead to the top of the left screen (see pictures).

  1. I would like to know where these two wire leads go to, an antenna?
  2. Each end of the wires is not soldered, and the tips have a very small round connector. Once these two wires find their home on the board and would like to finish this project.

Who can assist me with this - please?

Block Image

Block Image

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@sdotraffic those are the wires for your WLAN adapter. They are antenna wires. Those should connect to the top of your WLAN card. Something like this

Block Image

Give us the complete model number for your computer so we can verify this.

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@oldturkey03 turkey03 - good catch! I just returned home from work.

Here's the Asus model # Zen AiO 24 ZN242 Special Edition

I appreciate your assistance.


@sdotraffic just checked some of the few images about this model that I have available at it is the same setup as shown on this guide Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240IC Take a look at your WLAN card and you should see the two connectors.


Very helpful, I see where the two wires are to be plugged in. I assume then that the tape on the wires are to be over each connection point, correct? It's a project for the weekend. Thank you for your assistance @oldturkey03


@sdotraffic that sounds correct and the tape may even offer some EMI protection.


I've been out of commission for the past two weeks with the dreaded Covids, thanks for the help, everything went back together, and I only have one extra screw left!


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