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Line of business laptops originally sold by IBM and then purchased by Lenovo in 2005. Older models (Pre-XX50) have a WiFi whitelist, so wireless card replacement is not as easy as buying a bulk generic card online.

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Why new thermal paste is making my laptop hot about 90C


I have ThinkPad T430 and 2 days ago I change it thermal paste (HY 510) old was dry and it only heat my processor about 76C but now it goes up to 90C.

I had re apply thermal paste about 7 to 8 time.More,low and medium amount but nothing works.

Change thermal paste with new one but it still do nothing I had clean and check heat sink it is fine and placed correctly but nothing works.

Plzz help.

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What thermal paste brand are you using? What where your temperatures before removing the old one? Did you properly connect your fan? Can you hear it spinning?


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HY-510 is low grade bulk thermal paste. More than likely if you've connected the CPU fan and applied it properly then the paste is of poor quality and the processors from this era were also known to run hot, so cheap thermal paste was known to cause temps to spike. That's why we repasted so many of these laptops back then the second the warranty expired 1 week later (just to play it safe. We knew it wasn't an issue to break it open to scrap that trash on day -1, but +6 days on that won't kill you).

These days it's less of an issue as the processors are sometimes as low as a 15W TDP part (35W laptops like yours still exist). The difference today is unlike the old days the modern 35W laptops use good thermal paste and better cooling as the OEM's build out these high-end machines since the bulk of modern laptops use 15W "ULV" processors which they can put 15W of capacity and a buffer in (they might use a 15W chip, but enough copper for ~25-30W). Today, the people who buy the current generation of "35W TDP" laptops will pay for them now as it's become a premiun option with "15W ULV" laptops being everywhere, so they give actual thought to the build since the market wants a better machine then every Acer laptop with a ULV chip. Business class Ultrabooks have always been well built at the premium end, so this level of quality is new to the average user; we've had this on our Latitudes and EliteBooks for 10+ years. Welcome to our world; now you see why those of us who use business class notebooks swear at plastic machines.

As far as the materials now, think premium materials like aluminum chassis being largely STANDARD, with mostly copper heatsinks. These newer high power laptops do not have a copper pipe and an aluminum supporting plate around the small amount of copper they used for CPU contact like your T430. Your T430 is from the time when ALL of them had cheap thermal paste and questionable cooling, so it will run hotter than you may want, but 90C is too high for a T430 -- even the (cooler running) T420 wasn't this bad.

Put a good paste on like Artic MX-5. It works very well on both 15W machines, and 35W ones in general.

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Hi bro on your advice I had change the thermal paste from Hy 510 to Cooler master(HTK-002-U1) as the Artic MX 5 is out of my budget but it does not work the temp is same please help me my work is pending from a week


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NOTE: more is not better. The function of TP is to fill in the small surface defects/gaps. It should be spread very thin and evenly over the surface of the CPU. Then just mount the HSF without twisting it around.

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