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This laptop was released in 2016. Model Number: i5368-10024GRY ASIN: B01F3R99HY. In order to properly repair this device, screwdrivers, iFixit Opening Tools and spudgers are necessary.

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Where can I find the backlight fuse?

My laptop (dell Inspiron 13 5368) screen doesn’t work correctly after I spilled some water accidentally. It’s VERY dim. The laptop works fine if I attach it to an external monitor. After some research people were suggesting that the backlight fuse could’ve been blown.

I’m trying to find the fuse on my mother board so k can test it, but not sure where it is.

I’ve tried looking up the mother board schematics but couldn’t find it.

in the picture of the motherboard where is the backlight fuse? How would I go about finding it?

Block Image

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Sujith Nakkala check for reference designator F5201 on your board. That is the inverter fuse. You would need to check that one for continuity at least. Sorry, I do not have a board view so I can’t give you the location.

Update (03/10/2022)

Sujith Nakkala what we are currently looking at is considered the bottom side. The fuse is actually on the other (TOP) side. You will have to remove your board. I attached a PDF view of the boardview for both sides. To search it use the PDF readers search function. It’s the best I got but it should work for this task

Block Image

here is the location of the fuse. Click on the image to enlarge. You can also download it and enlarge it further in your JPG viewer file

LA D822P Rev 1.0 (A00) Bottom<———- click to download Bottom view

LA D822P Rev 1.0 (A00) Top<———--click to download Top view

Now with the schematic provided by @jayeff and this simple view of the component location, you have a chance to fix your backlight.

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To add to the answer, with the laptop turned on etc, check if there is voltage on pins 37-39 of the eDP (video) cable connector on the motherboard.

If there is then the fuse is OK and that the problem may be with the lid switch sensor, component UE7.

When you find it (check near the power on button or along the front of the motherboard) there should be voltage (I think 3V) on pin1 and an earth on pin 3 and when the switch is operated i.e. by lid being closed the state on pin 2 of the component should change from what it is when the lid is open.

I think that it is a magnetically operated switch so passing a magnet back and forth over it should make it operate and release.

This switch sends a signal to the motherboard IO chip (chipset) which in turn sends a signal to the display panel on eDP pin 16 to turn the backlights on or off depending on whether the lid is open or closed.

If there is no voltage on pin 1 of UE7 you will need to find out why +3VALW is not working.

All this is assuming that the motherboard is a Compal LA-D822P


@jayeff I belive that is the wrong motherboard, I think I have found the schematics, not sure how useful they are for me, since i don't understand anything. would you be so kind as to tell what to check for in this?


I have found the schematics

however not sure where fs201 is.


@Sujith Nakkala

What is the model number on your motherboard?

If you have already purchased the schematics that you linked you will have to scroll through to find the backlight power where it feeds through the eDP cable and then trace through the schematic to find out how its supplied.

The easiest way is to find the eDP cable section in the schematics and locate the pins that the backlight wires are on. It will be written on the schematic

Do you know how to use a DMM (digital multimeter) to test electronic components for resistance and voltage?

Do you know how to smd solder electronic components?


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