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Honda introduced the third-generation Odyssey for the 2005 model year. It grew in width and weight but retained the previous generation's length and interior space.

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honda odyssey 2005 reverse switch how to replace

Hello, guys is anyone here knows where to locate reverse switch, or how to replace, my reverse light not working all the bulbs are good.

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@jhunx23 the switch itself is part of the transmission range switch. This video shows how to replace it. Your Honda should also have a reverse relay in the under-dash fuse box.

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Hi @jhunx23 ,

Did you check that the appropriate fuses and relay are all OK, you didn’t say?

I say all OK, because looking at the fuse box diagrams for the vehicle, there are 2 fuses and 1 relay (looking at the diagram, I think it is a relay) marked as “backup”.

In the Primary engine compartment fuse box it is fuse #7 and I think relay #15

In the Interior fuse box (driver’s side) it is fuse #7.

I’ve seen in a 2008 model that there is a switch in the top of the transmission that operates when reverse is selected and this operates a relay. The relay contacts then operate the backup lights so maybe it is the same for your model..

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i didnt check it yet, but ill check.

Thanks for the info.


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