Is the CanoScan LiDE 210 known to work in MacOS Monterey?

As I look into the new MBP, I have to evaluate my devices and see what will and will not make it, but what might. When I checked my scanners out, I have a few but one of them was acquired some time ago before I switched to Epson for high resolution flatbeds: CanoScan LiDE 210 - so old, it uses Mini-USB!

I have evaluated my Epson scanners, and the situation is not dire - my V39 is good to go, the V33 has a full driver, and the V300 has an ICSA Image Capture driver (fine by me, but I want to get a V600 in the long term). If anything, Epson has done the best job at figuring this out.

At the moment, Canon does not have a MacOS 12 entry on their site, but they have 15.x drivers. Has anyone gotten these LiDE 210 scanners working, or is it a goner with Montere? If it’s a goner, I’m not worried as I have better units anyway and I have the V39. Epson has never given me a reason to fault their scanning performance - always been happy with the results, with the V39 being the best of the cheap standalone bunch out there today.

EDIT: Canon is borderline useless on the matter :/. No clear answer, no phone help left yet the LiDE 210 is still actively on the market. WTF Canon? TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SUPPORT YOUR PRODUCTS!

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