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The Atari 5200 (also called the Atari 5200 Super System) is a home video game console introduced in 1982 by Atari, Inc.

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I have no video output atari 5200

Just get blank screen have tried two of the cable box power nothing thinking a chip ?

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Are you testing the console on the RF setting of your TV?


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Michael Cottrell you are not telling us what type of TV are you using and how you are connecting the Atari console to your TV. If you are using a newer TV use a Coax to female RCA adapter and connector your console to coax. What looks like a RCA connector on your console is actually not useful to plug into an RCA jack on your TV. After you connect your Atari properly you will need to check analog channels 2/3/4 to get the signal from your Atari. Let us know what happens.

Update (09/27/2021)

So are you still using the TV/game switch box? You are looking at a console that is almost 40 years old. At this time I would not worry about a single IC. What you want to do is to properly disassemble the console and at minimum properly recap (replacing all the electrolytic capacitors) and clean the board. Check for disintegrated traces and components. Post some good images of your board from both sides with your question that way we can at least try to properly assist you. Use these guides Atari 5200 to work on it.

Those consoles are fun to own and are definitely worthwhile fixing properly. I use a 2600 to play Asteroids and Missile command. Far cry from COD Warzone but loads of fun.

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I'm using old TV its a 4 port atari 5200 with the first box hook up with power and TV have tried two different hook ups still get blank screen thinking its what ever chip controls video


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