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buzzing/growling LG wm3431hs during draining

hi all,

i just bought a used old LG washer dryer all in one. it seem to work great but when the drain pump starts it is super loud for a few seconds then gets a little quieter but still pretty loud. its a buzzing/humming/vibration.

I swapped the pump for a new one and it is still making the noise. it happens during drain cycles and drying cycles. the drain hose appears to be free of debris. i also tried to stop any pump vibration by stuffing a piece of rolled up yoga mat underneath the pump.

first video is during wash cycle

second is during dry cycle

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Could be the drum bearing or something caught between the drum and the tub. Does the vibration get better or worse with a light load? Does it spin okay or does the noise change? Does the drum feel loose and saggy? Have you checked the suspension to see if the springs are all still secured?


Thanks for the response.

Vibration/noise is the same with small or large load.

Seems to spin fine with no noise.

The suspension seems fine.

The noise only happens when water is draining. Spinning or not.

Can’t find anything in either hose connected to the pump or the pump filter.


Jackson Traub darn that is definitely a nasty noise and I don't think this is quite normal. You said the new pump did not make a difference but this only happens when it is draining so it has the be in that cycle somewhere. The moment the relay clicks for the drain it just goes crazy.....thanks for the second video. Now I am further stumped. Why would the drain pump come on during the dry cycle? Time to really consult the manual. Does your washer allow you to unplug the drain pump and run those cycles again?


I believe the drain pump comes on during drying because it is a condensation dryer so it’s pulling water out and needing to send it out of unit


I think I could unplug it and run cycle. I’ll have to take apart the unit and put it back together with it unplugged. So it will take a bit. I’ll give that a try. Thanks. I’ll keep you posted


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I ended up testing all wires to pump and through noise filter. everything appeared to be working properly. took fan apart again and took some length off the stator blades. also filed a little off the inside of the pump assembly. I think the pump assembly is possibly warped but the piece is discontinued. might try to buy a different pump and assembly that will fit. i also put some packing foam around the pump. it better than it was but far from quiet.

thanks for the help gentleman

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Hey Jackson! Any update on this! Having the same issue. Clothes are not dry at the end of the cycle.


Still makes the noise but clothes dry fine. With these machines it works best to do small loads. I usually do a small load on quick wash with 30 minutes dry or 60 minutes if it’s heavy clothes or towels. I’ve found the time dry works better than the sensor dry. The sensor dry seems to just keep trying to dry so you have to listen to the buzzing for way longer. I personally start my loads before I leave and come home to dry clothes


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Try running the diagnostic tests for the washer and check if any error codes are shown.

If there are any, they may help to further isolate what the problem is.

Here’s the service manual for the machine.

Go to p.13 in the manual (14/44 .pdf numbering) to view the QC Test procedure.

If replacement parts are required, search online for LG wm3431hs parts to find suppliers that suit you best.

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Thanks for the suggestion and manual. I just ran it through all of them.

Right as I went into QC test the loud noise happened and then it went to humming.

It went off as I went through all test until “drain pump turns on” it made the loud sound again and back to humming til I turned off unit.

Maybe it’s just a super loud washer but I read reviews that it is quiet


@Jackson Traub

To me given that it doesn't occur when washing or spinning but only on draining and as you have already replaced the pump motor, you would think that it wouldn't be a mechanical problem as is mostly indicated by these symptoms for noisy for the washer, but hey I've been wrong a lot of times before ;-)

I'm wondering if it is an electrcial problem i.e. a relay buzzing.

The service manual wiring diagram only shows the control board wiring to the drain pump motor and not how the power is supplied to the motor, on the board. (see p.12). If it is via a relay, check if you can hear if the noise if emanating from it.

If there is no relay and it is solid state switching the power (i.e no moving parts) then perhaps it is mechanical then.


From what I can tell there is no relay. I have been searching and searching for the answer. I’m thinking because it’s loud and the pump is magnetic it could be the noise filter? This whole project is a little above my pay grade. Apparently “a faulty noise filter can cause your washer to emit an excessively loud static or buzzing sound while plugged in or when the washer is in use.”


@jayeff any ideas from the new info?


@Jackson Traub

It may still be the noise filter(supplier example only) but given the cost it is too expensive to change it on the off chance it is the problem and it turns out not to be.

The filter reduces the electromagnetic noise created by the machine and the only things that create this are the motors i.e. the drive motor and the pump motor.

It may be selective to what is being produced by them but this is only a guess.

Have you tried plugging the washer into another power outlet? Just wondering if there is an earth problem with the outlet that you're using or perhaps an earthing problem in the machine itself. A poor earth contributes to an increase in electromagnetic noise - buzzing sound.


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