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Model US998U. Can be identified by rear fingerprint sensor/lock button, 128GB storage, and wide-angle dual rear cameras. Released October 2017.

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Please help. How do I fix this on my phone?

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I accidentally dropped my phone and when I picked it up, it showed this on my screen. It still works. I really need a solution to this or my parents are going to kill me. Please help. There is a green line on the right side and it is glitching on the entire screen.

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Hi @proplayer1971b,

You may as well ‘fess up to your parents now as the screen is damaged and cannot be repaired. It has to be replaced.

Here’s a video that shows how to replace the screen in the phone.

Replacement screens are available online. just search for LG V30 Plus Display screen touch digitizer to get results for suppliers that suit you best.

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Ok. Thanks for helping


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