No cold water no humming

Hi I am having an issue with my washing machine, won’t spin and cold water won’t come out, there is no humming and I have tried cleaned any sediment and hoses, does anyone know why this is happening? Thank you

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Hi @dannychavez

What is the model number of the washer? Knowing the model number will help to give further information as to what the problems may be.

If no cold water enters the machine there may be a problem with the cold water inlet solenoid valve, but maybe not as it may be whatever controls the valve.

Does the hot water wash option work, at least to fill the machine?


I agree with jayeff. We need to know what it WILL do. If it will do nothing (no hot OR cold water, and no operation) then you're looking at a controller issue. No cold water would be solenoid valve issue.


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