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Repair and disassembly information for amplifiers in home audio systems.

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sony dvd home theatre system dav-dz 150k amplifier hissing/ humming

sony dvd home theatre system dav-dz 150k amplifier hissing/ humming noise which is more than actual audio sound ,give solution

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More information is needed to give a relevant answer

Is the noise on all audio output channels, e.g. front left, front right, surround speaker left, surround speaker right and woofer or only on a particular channel?

Has you tried connecting a different audio source to prove whether the noise is from the amp or the signal source?

Have you tried different cables or checked that they are inserted correctly etc?

If the noise is only on one speaker have you tried another speaker to check where the problem is, speaker or amp?

What have you tried?


yes i tried all speakers its noise from all speakers and it increases with volume and its louder than audio .i tried replacement of DC supply capacitors of amplifier and main power supply capacitor of smps still problem continued


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You didn’t say if you tried a different signal source or not, just to eliminate if it was the input signal that was the problem and not the amp.

Noise problems in audio circuits can sometimes be caused by a missing earth connection between the different boards so that effectively they are at different potentials or perhaps faulty filter capacitors on the supply rails to the audio amp ICs (not the main supply capacitors but on the supply rail at each audio amp IC).

Here’s the service manual for the amp.

It has the schematics so you may just have to start tracking down where the noise it starting from.

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