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A 2-in-1 touch laptop powered by Intel Core i5 and manufactured by HP.

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Can I add more storage?

I don’t think that the 200ish gigabytes of solid state storage will be enough for me. is there a way to put a hard drive in this device?



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While it can be done, it isn’t as easy on these top disassembly machines, sad to say :-(. With these, you can upgrade the Optane caching PCIe SSD, but you probably need to remove the motherboard to get to it. However, adding/upgrading the hard drive can be done, albeit with extreme annoyance in the process as HP requires you to take the palmrest off on these. It isn’t hard if you’re used to bad design like this, but you really do need to take your time on these ESPECIALLY if you’re a beginner. I still swear at these even though I can do it, but that’s because this is bad design.

While there are no guides here, this video shows the process.

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