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The X60s is the successor to the ThinkPad X41 notebook, while the ThinkPad X60 is the successor to the ThinkPad X32.

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Getting error 2100, HDD0 initialisation error

Getting error 2100, it's asking to press esc , after pressing esc, It's going into a endless loop saying HDD0 device not found, HDD1 Device not found…

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is coming but it's not getting switched on

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In order to help you we need to know exactly, or as close as possible, what the text on the screen is. "something else is coming but it's not getting switched on" is not helpful. Look at it again and report back.


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The hard drive is either defective or the connector is not completely connected.

First remove the battery:

and then the hard drive:

and YouTube video:

Before replacing reconnect and see if that works. If still not detected then replace.

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The 60 series is naggy about the HD fall sensor since it's on the Lenovo drives for those, so you get the nag every time unless you put the Middleton BIOS on. However, it's a very specific nag BUT I am mentioning it for the benefit of the OP. IT WILL happen with a 3rd party drive, unless they purchase a NOS Lenovo service drive OR used one that works, or load the Middleton BIOS (which also deals with the WL).

These also incorporate a motherboard side northbridge, and while it isn't a known issue they can be prone to northbridge motherboard related issues. If it doesn't work with 2 drives (and possibly a 3rd) I'd begin to suspect a bad northbridge. It really wasn't until the 2nd gen Core i series they put a lot in the CPU (albeit with a reduced function southridge/PCH) and Ivy got rid of the reduced function southbridge/PCH and put it into the CPU.

At least it uses a normal 7mm drive, unlike some of the s series machines 1.8" configuration.



Thanks Nick. Good to know.


@aactech I don't want the OP to freak out about the HD sensor error; it's normal unless there's a way to shut it off in the BIOS or fixed with the Middleton BIOS.


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