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The Sennheiser RS 120 is an RF wireless headphone system with open, supra-aural headphones. This product can be identified through its model number, RS 120. The headset is the HDR 120, and the transmitter model number is TR 120. The Sennheiser RS 120 was released in 2004. They feature a transparent, well-balanced sound with excellent bass reproduction, making them an ideal choice for both hi-fi and TV use. The RS 120 offers freedom of movement, stylish design and optimum comfort at an affordable price.

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I want to replace the audio cable

The cable needs replacing and after removing the 2 inset phillips head screws I’m stumped! How do I open up the console to replace/repair the cable, which broke right at the grommet?

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Hi @kmalivuk ,

The answer in this link may be of some help.

Senheisser rs120 earphones - does the charging dock wire just pull out

It says :

“There are two screws on the side of the unit that need to be loosened (or removed). After that use an old plastic credit card (or similar) along the edges of the white front panel to pry it loose. You'll then have access to the cable etc.”

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Thanks Jayeff, the rest is easy after the front panel is off!


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