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The Sennheiser RS 120 is an RF wireless headphone system with open, supra-aural headphones.

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Senheisser rs120 earphones - does the charging dock wire just pull out

Dog chewed the wire on SENNHEISER RS120 wireless earphones. Have a replacement but don't know how to get the wire out of the charging dock-afraid to just pull it out.

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What is it with dogs and the Sennheiser RS120?

Here is a link to a question (in Dutch) where the person had the same problem

Kabel aan dockingstation gebroken

In essence the paraphrased and translated answer to the problem was :

There are two screws on the side of the unit that need to be loosened (or removed). After that use an old plastic credit card (or similar) along the edges of the white front panel to pry it loose. You'll then have access to the cable etc.

Hopefully this is of some help


Original reply

Aan de zijkant heb je twee vijzen dat je moet losdraaien, dan kan je, mits gebruik van een bankkaart of iets in die aard (dat je nadien uiteraard mag weggooien), het voorste 'witte' paneel ervan halen als je met de kaart langs de randen alle contactje losmaakt.

Google translation

On the side you have two screws that you have to loosen, then you can, with the use of a bank card or something like that (which you can discard afterwards of course), the front 'white' panel of it if you go with the card along the edges loosen all contact.

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Thank you for responding, but unfortunately it didn't solve the problem. There was no access to the "problem" even by taking the dock charger apart.



Did I misunderstand your question? If so apologies.

I thought that you were asking about where the charger plugs into the earphones charging cradle but now I'm wondering if you are asking about the adapter itself.

Post a picture of the problem.

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Also until it is resolved one way or the other could you please "unaccept" my answer to the problem as it has not fixed it.

Thank you.


Not your fault, I, being a senior female, am trying to find a solution to the problem for my 81 year old husband and am not sure what I'm trying to describe. Can't submit pictures, will try to describe better. At the bottom of the charging dock there are two wires that plug in. The yellow one pulls off easily, the other one doesn't and that's the problem. I think we are taking it to Best Buy today to see if they can get it off. Thanks again. By the way, "dog" chewed the cord on the recliner since then :(



My commiserations.

Hopefully the dog will grow out of it.

In the meantime


Having owned Rottweilers in the past, we have SEVERAL of the indestructible toys. "Aria" is the first Beagle I've owned and was the hardest to raise pup. She is now 14 months old and has come a long way, she just has to be watched constantly, out of sight, getting in trouble. I have 2 other "normal" dogs. Regardless of the problems, she is mine and hopefully she will get better.


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