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Japanese Megadrive 2 controller socket replacement

my Japanese Megadrive2 controller 1 socket, It can't recognise well all the inputs.

I've tried to clean out everything possible and even bending a little the pins, but no luck.

Strangely, if I apply some weight on the controller plug, while it's inside the console, everything works properly...

I'm thinking I just have to ask a professionist if can do some soldering on the board, maybe for a controller ports replacement.

Could you do such a service, please?

Thanks in advance.



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@lucchini open your console up and reflow the solder joints on all the controller port pins. It is easily possible that this is caused by some cold solder joints etc. just given the age of the console. It should be pretty identical to the Sega Genisis II Sega Genesis II Teardown

Post some GOOD picture of what you encounter once you have your console opened up, with your QUESTION. It will help if we can see what you see.

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