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The Mercedes-Benz W126 is a series of S-Class automobiles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz between 1979 and 1992. Premiering in September 1979 as the successor to the W116 line, the W126 was the second generation to officially bear that prestigious designation, an abbreviation for the German Sonderklasse or "special class." The W126 was initially offered with straight-six, V8, and a turbocharged diesel engine for the sedan. A C126 2-door coupé versions was introduced in September 1981.

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Can I fix keyfob with conductive glue

Have a keyfob that's not working. The 'open door' does not work. Close door and trunk buttons work.

Compared it to spare fob, and noticed two instances where tiny copper/gold plate circles were missing on the pcb board. Tested for continuity and failed. Good fob had continuity.

Wondering if carefully adding a drop of conductive glue in both areas would be a fix.

Photo has two arrows noting areas in question. The circled area represents the plate cover that exists on those two areas, on the good fob…(which are missing here)

Block Image

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This keyfob is likely not repairable without loss of functionality, and conductive glue will not be enough. In this case the damage is quite deep and isn’t just minor surface level damage. You’ll likely need a new key.

Since you have a spare keyfob that’s 100% intact, you can often use that even on a Mercedes. If you didn’t have that you’d need to have a key made at a locksmith who is authorized by Mercedes to program a replacement.

You’ll need to know the model and year (chassis code helps too - think W204, for example) to find the steps to do this, as we do not know. The W126 is too old for a keyfob - this is at least a W2, C2 or R2 keyfob. For example this was used from the W202-W205, and various other models.

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Sorry @nick but that is bull. Old post I know but had to comment. Those traces are repairable. Anybody competent in soldering could repair that with a couple of traces. I've done loads of boards with the same issues and doesn't take long at all. Writing off something that is easily repairable isn't why we're here.


@strongbow Except this is a multi layer PCB. If the damage affects other traces it is shot.

It may be reparable but it may not be reliable or it will lose functions. Not worth the trouble, you’re better off replacing it. If it was my key I’d do the repairs and consider it my emergency spare.


Surface damage from what looks like a screwdriver.


@strongbow I would be very hesitant to trust a keyfob repaired with a wire. I’d have to make a new one and bring two.

If this was a Mercedes with the hidden backup key I may downgrade it to a key but on a keyless only Mercedes? NOPE.


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