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Manuais de reparo e suporte para dispositivos médicos usados em ambientes clínicos.

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What good is this site when I ask a question and you do not post it

This does not answer any questions I have either

Update (10/16/2020)

I have a homedics massage chair model HMC500 has anyone tore one of these down?

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@jdcollins523 you have to post questions in "Answers" (this forum on iFixit) not "Meta".

Okay, so you are looking for a teardown of a "homedics massage chair model HMC500" and no, it does not look like anybody has done this. Not often that anybody tears down a $2700 massage chair unless there is a specific reason for it. Let us know what it is that you are looking for in the teardown so maybe we can assist you with that.

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I think you’re in the wrong area. This is not a medical device.

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It was migrated to this section by iRobot in OCT 2020. This may be the section close to what the thing happens to be. Try massaging iRobot and maybe you can give him a suggestion for a better area?


@japetty9531 unfortunately this is the only area of the website I participate in, as I am a biomedical engineer, so all I know is this device doesn't fall under medical devices.


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