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Shall I replace the AC fan motor, or is it possbile to repair?


I have a Hotpoint washer/dryer machine, and a shaded pole AC fan motor (see here) in it, which “works” very strange. If I connect it directly to the 230 V power network it runs very slowly, sometimes even stops, then start to spin again, and so on (no any load on the motor of course). But I can turn the motor with my finger easily.

I made a little video, where you can see the rotation stops at 00:04, then restart.

Do you think the repair of the motor is possible to repair, or buy a new one?

Thanks a lot if you can help me :-)

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Csaba Katona  could be caused by bad windings. Since we do not know the motor we can’t tell you what the resistance across the windings should be etc. I would opt for a new motor

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Thanks for your help!


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I bought a new motor, which is running almost without any friction. So the motor was definetly fault. I replaced it, since then the machine works perfectly.

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