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Why does my MacBook 2008 not turning on?

I have a MacBook Pro 2008 model. It does not seem to switch on. The battery charges and the light on the MagSafe comes on (orange when charging and green when charged). I have tried it without the battery but still nothing. I opened it up and noticed that while I have the charger plugged in, when I press the power button, the fans move for a split second. Every time I press the power button, the fans do the same thing. I tried removing the ram and pressing the power button expecting some beeping as there was no ram inserted, but still nothing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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From what I’ve seen online, the issue could be a capacitor based on this video ( This is the replacement capacitor I believe (


I had a 2007 MacBook Pro that had this same issue. I discovered it was a short from a bent screw socket on the top case. If your computer has power-on pads, I would recommend removing the top case and turning it on via the solder pads on the motherboard.


@jonastechrepair thank you for you reply. I have opened my MacBook but can not seem to find the solder pads to "jump start" the machine. While opening it, I didn't notice any bent screws or anything other out of the ordinary. What I did notice was that while I had the MagSafe charger plugged in, these was a continuous ticking sound from the MagSafe circuit board. Also, the fans looked like they were trying to switch on, but couldn't (they slightly moved then stopped). The fans do the same with when I have the battery plugged in and try use the power button to switch it on.


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Let shoot for a spontaneous reboot. Disconnect the mag-safe. Disconnect the battery, Press and hold the power on, button for ten seconds. Reconnect the battery, the the mag-safe snf if the logic board is good, you should get a spontaneous reboot.

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Thank you for your suggestion, but unfortunately it’s still not power on. All I can hear and see is the fans turning ever so slightly and a clicking sound being made. Is there any chance that is could be gpu related?


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