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The GameCube is Nintendo's fourth console gaming system. Repair is simple and requires only common tools.

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Is there a way to fix my gamecube error?

For the past year whenever I turn on my nintendo gamecube it comes up with the error:

"An error has occurred. Turn the Power Off and check the Nintendo GameCube Instruction Booklet for further instructions fix"

Now, the only thing I can find online about this at all is the pdf for the Instruction manual which tells me to just call nintendo support. I did that a long time ago and they told me to send it in. I do not want to spend that kind of money, especially now that it is years outdated. Does anybody have any idea what the issue is? I love learning about electronics. Is it a motherboard issue? The disc spins and it is not game specific. The same message pops up even if there is no game. So far everybody online has been completely useless. I could easily drop a small amount of money and get another one these days, but then I would learn nothing about the system. I am doing this as a learning experience as to what makes electronics run.

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I do not think that anybody here is going to "give me bullshit about how I could easily just go buy another" if you read this section, you might have noticed that we do believe in helping each other without the use of profanity, flaming, or belittling. So, just may be you could delete that last sentence and let us know if and what you have tried thus far.


@oldturkey03 I edited out So I recommend you remove the quote so you don't make yourself look bad.


@captainsnowball sometimes leaving those will drive a point home. It is like an exclamation point to the statement that I've tried to make in my comment.


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My first suggestion would be to disassemble the GameCube and take a look at the fan, make sure it is working and that all connections are seated properly. Follow this guide.

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Please try the solutions....If one doesn't work, try the next solution.

Solution #1

Is your game disk dirty? If so, place water (you may use a sink..) on the disk, and use a towel or any other possible materials to get the water off. Proceed by placing the disc inside the Game Cube and see if it works.

Solution #2

Did you insert a disc inside?

Solution #3

Unplug everything and re-plug them.

Hope this helps! :)

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Tried multiple discs, there is a specific error for unreadable discs. This one just says "an error occurred... read instructions".

Would love to fix it without taking it apart, or taking it in. I just want to know the best course of action.

The disc spins, but regardless, after a few seconds turning the system on, even without a disc, the error pops up.

Unplugged everything, replugged everything, the disc spun for longer, let me check my memory card, but the error came up anyway, interrupting that.


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your disk may be scratched, see:

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seems legit.

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Found a thing that worked for me if this still is interesting! I’m bad at English please text me on WhatsApp and I can explain with pictures.


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