HP DV6-7000 FHD screen model name


I need a Full HD screen replacement for my DV6-7000 machine. Service guide says it has part number 682090-001 but it doesn't give a particular name/manufacturer/model of the screen. I searched all over and cound’t find it.

Previously I had a 768p LG lp156wh3-tlac. Lower-left 40 pin LVDS connector with "tabs" for screws on top and bottom. What is it's Full HD brother?

Please help me find it!


(I'm acknowledged there must be another cable in order to drive this panel, I got it already)

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Hi @intenditore ,

What's wrong with the models being offered by suppliers that you find when searching for the part number "only"?

They say full HD


They don't offer a "model". They offer something I have no clue about, not colour rating, no contrast info, no specs. Also, I'm not willing to buy it from those stupid sites, I will choose a particular model and search for it locally



I don't know why you're calling them stupid sites but if they say that the display is HP part number 682090-001 then it should show this on the panel and therefore it should conform to the specifications as shown in the service manual on p.100.

For example this supplier gives a 3 year guarantee on the display so if it is not the correct one then at least you have some redress to get it sorted.

I only chose this example as it was the 1st one to appear when I searched for the part number, but there are others who also give a guarantee on the panel.

As always though it is your choice


@jayeff this is exactly what I call a "stupid site" :D

No model, no ratings, no pic even, nothing. Also I live in Europe and I need it to pick in a local store or get it shipped. So none of those "laptop screen markets" are suitable


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