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Battery won’t charge and phone turns off after battery replacement

After having replaced the battery of my iPhone SE it wouldn’t charge the battery when plugged in. Instead it showed either 100% or 1% as the remaining power of the battery. The only difference would be that it works normally when being plugged in but would almost be unusable when not being plugged due to a lack of responsiveness of the touchscreen and almost all apps. After around 2 minutes of using an app the iPhone would restart even if it was plugged in.

I since tried different chargers and cables. I also changed the new battery for the old OEM one. The problems now also appear with the old battery. Could I have damaged something while repairing? If yes, what’s the most likely part? I have done multiple repairs on that phone but it is the first time I changed any batteries. Is it maybe a faulty battery that damaged dome internal parts?

Thanks a lot!

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Do a thorough visual inspection, preferably with magnification, of the area surrounding the battery connector. There are several tiny SMD components just above the connector. Of particular importance is FL2400, highlighted in red above the connector. If it is missing (which can happen when you pry the connector off), then the battery state does not get communicated to the CPU and this can also cause charging issues and fluctuating readings.

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Thank you for your help! This was exactly the case. Now I only need to find someone to fix it for me in Europe.


You can reach out to @arbamam.


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There are several reasons present for this problem.

First think from when this problem started.

Applications are the first reason for this problem. So uninstall the apps. If problem has been happening after updating apps, then uninstall the updates.

Software updates may be a reason for this problem. If this is the cause in your case, then go back to its previous version.

Battery also causing this problem. Since, you told that you are using phone for 2 years, then battery may lose the capacity. So check it out with multimeter.

Try factory reset after you get no result from all of the above methods.

If factory reset didn't solve, then you would have to go service centre.

Hope it helps!

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