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Guides and repair information for the Lenovo Thinkpad T430, a 14-inch business laptop by Lenovo.

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Why does some of my keys not work when I spilt some liquid on top?

Can you help me here please, some of my keys dont work. The ones that dont work are the r key, the x key and the two arrow keys and the upper arrow key. Ive tried drying it with a hair dryer but it still hasnt worked. Ive been typing through copy and paste because my keys dont worked. thanks.

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The matrix got damaged by whatever you spilt on it - keyboards don’t survive spills often, if at all on just about all laptops. Go through the Lenovo HMM and find the keyboard that corresponds to your specific country. It’s also on your old one, should you not be able to find it - I know in the T420 HMM there was a list but I don’t see one for the T430.

The procedure looks very similar, although there are a few minor differences. Shouldn’t take you longer then 30 minutes if you’re careful to change it. I can do it in 5-10 but that’s because I’ve worked on ThinkPads before.

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