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Repair guides and support for the third-generation 5D, a DSLR camera released by Canon in 2012.

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Canon 5d mkiii av-out digital port replacement

Is it possible to replace the av-out digital port on my Canon 5d MkIII? I have replaced the cable but I still am unable to connect to my laptop for tethering or downloading my photos. I think the port has worn out.

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Hi @mercurius23 ,

It is, but the hard part may be sourcing the correct AV socket part to replace the part if it is faulty. It may also be that it is just loose from the motherboard and simply needs to be resoldered back on.

It is mounted on the main pcb and doesn’t show up as a separate part in the parts list. Hopefully there may be some markings on it which may help to identify it and to find a replacement.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Canon EOS 5D Mark III Main Board Replacement guide.

It is useful as it shows how to dis-assemble the camera so that access to the port is possible. See Step.12 in the guide to get a good view of the port.

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Thanks so much for the swift reply @jayeff much appreciated. I just read a review that advises only the canon USB Cable IFC-200U will work. I bought an amazon version of the same cable as it's much cheaper. Perhaps i'll buy the canon cable first, just in case.


I have the same issue. Sent my camera in for professional repair a few years ago, but back to being broken. Unless I press the camera end of the cable into the port VERY hard and hold it there, it loses is connection. Using Tether tools cables.


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