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The Lenovo P2 is also known as Lenovo P2 P2a42, Lenovo Vibe P2. The Lenovo P2 is an Android smartphone released by Lenovo in November 2016.

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Why stuck on Lenovo logo boot screen?

I facing this issue while restarting the phone and it stuck on blue Lenovo boot screen for many hours and never start up in to the os. I try hard reset hold Power & Volume Up & Volume Down same issue stuck on Lenovo boot screen.

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Hi same issue here , how is your phone?


my phone hang on first logo (Lenovo P2a42)


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peksung possibly time to reinstall the firmware. Check this out for the How-to.

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I have the same problem, Lenovo P2 is stuck in a boot loop.

I can't enter the recovery menu. If I press Volume up and power, it tries to start normally. If I press Volume Down and Up and Power, Phone enters "Bootmode is 'recovery'". After 14 seconds, it tries to restart in the normal startup.

If I press power + Volume Down, it enters a menu to swich between "Start", "Barcodes" and "Power Off". it shows dthe device parameters like serial number, storage, ram and the date of the installed software.

What can I do?


Hi, we have the same problem with my lenovo p2. It stuck on boot logo and cant even proceed to recovery. Please inform me at once you have a solution about this matter.


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If you are holding all 3 buttons together then this is not the right way to do it.

The procedure for a Lenovo P2 hard reset using the hardware buttons is to use only the Power and Volume Up buttons to get into the boot menu area so that the Recovery menu can be selected.

Here’s a link that shows how to do it.

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if I press volume up and power, it tries to start normal.


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